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Tamp shoes are used to seal the seam between new and old asphalt.Flat-footed tamping does the best job. 
About Us
TEL-TUK TOOLS was formed as part of  Tel-Tuk Construction, which specialized in sitework, excavation and asphalt paving. Our experience with asphalt paving is measured  in decades.
In 1990 we began experimenting with making  tamp shoes for our own use.  After several prototypes we eventually came up with some shoes that far surpassed the existing ones in performance and durability.   After field trials we introduced our shoes to the market in 1992.
Our   ATS-F  Felt Paving Shoes, use  extra thick POLY FELT sole pads made especially for  us,  and quick-release  polyester straps (designed by us.)  The long-lasting  felt soles excel in retaining and releasing the diesel fuel that is used as a lubricating agent(to prevent sticking), while the snap-buckle  straps save time for the worker who usually has multiple tasks to perform.  Tempered lightweight metal  sole plates and steel  heel retainers provide strength.  These felt shoes are moderately stiff and somewhat flexible.  They are often used to "seal" the mat prior to roller work,  and are indispensable for workers moving around the mat using plate compactors or hand tampers.  Lute men like them too, as they allow for clean, neat work without footprints.
Tamp shoes are a lute man's best friend. 
TEL-TUK WOOD TAMP SHOES....Click to enlargeIn addition to the felt shoes we make tamp shoes using sole plates made with  3/4"  high-grade plywood.  These are stiffer than the felt  shoes and are not  made for "walking" on the asphalt mat. These wood shoes,  ATS-W and ATS-Sq,  are ideal when heavy duty foot compaction is desired.    They are fantastic  for small work such as pothole repair. The ATS-W shoes have rounded corners, while the ATS-Sq shoes have square corners.  Many pavers utilize  both wood shoes and felt shoes  to achieve the best results possible, whatever the nature of the job might be.
We're proud of the fact that we ourselves have spent many many hot and hectic hours  "on-the-mat",  and therefore know what's important in any tool made for asphalt paving,  especially tamp shoes.   Others have tried to copy us and some Chinese-made(junk) shoes are now on the market...but we're still the leader with our high quality  MADE IN AMERICA asphalt paving tamp shoes.
For over 20 years we have manufactured and sold many thousands of both types of tamp shoes. 
Our shoes have been used in the paving of thousands of driveways, walkways, roads, parking lots and tennis courts, etc. and in several foreign countries as well.  Even the USAF uses them.     

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