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Tamp shoes are used to seal the seam between new and old asphalt.Flat-footed tamping does the best job. 
About Us
TEL-TUK TOOLS was formed as part of  Tel-Tuk Construction, which specialized in sitework, excavation and asphalt paving. 
With our own paving company we have decades of ON-THE-MAT experience and in  1990 we began making felt paving shoes(aka Tamp Shoes) for our own use.  After several experimental attempts we came up sith a shoe that far surpassed those already on the market. These first generation shoes were superior in terms of durability and performance. Through the years we have continued to improve our product and today we offer the best felt tamp shoe on the market.   

                                                                                                             MODEL  ATS-F ASPHALT PAVING SHOES 

 What Is A Tamp Shoe?                                                               If you are not already familiar with tamp shoes they simply are sandal-like devices that strap onto your regular work boots.  The components of  TEL-TUK tamp shoe are:

1.   Extra-Thick Felt Sole Pads:

     These long-lasting synthetic felt pads are made to our       specifications using a process that yields material that       is firm yet pliable and which will not shred, fall apart,         or pull away from the rivets. This material also excels         in the retaining and releasing of diesel fuel(a release           agent) used to prevent sticking.  This felt is   long-               wearing and non-marking.

2.  Tempered Metal Sole Plates:

     Instead of steel sole plates previously used, we now             use aircraft grade lightweight metal plates.  They have       "springiness", and  resist bending and deforming,                causing  the  bottom surface of the shoes  to  remain          flat.

3.  Heavy-Duty Materials:

     Steel heel retainers(heel cups), Steel Rivets and High-       Strength Poly Straps(quick-release) are used.  The             heel  cups retain their shape, addiing stability and               control.  The toe and heel straps are easy to use and           adjust.
How Used:   Prior to putting on the tamp shoes  the worker sprays the felt bottoms with a "release agent", usually diesel fuel(small 0ne-quart sprayers from hardware stores are usually used.)  This moistens the felt pads and helps to prevent asphalt sticking.  The shoes are strapped onto the workboots and the straps are snugged up to allow control of the shoes.  The shoes are moderately stiff and pliable and are ideal for workers who have to move around the mat.  They are great for lute work, hand tamper work and working with a plate compactor where good footing is necessary.  They are great for small hand work like pothole repair and for "foot tamping" in areas where a roller or compactor cannot reached(e.g. under railings and stairways.)  Additionally, they can be used to shape, compact, smooth and massage the asphalt mat to remove marks and imperfections.  A flatfooted method(duckwalk) is recommended for working on or traversing the mat.

The use of these tamp shoes helps assure good-looking, high-quality work that you will be proud of.  One of our users once said that his HANDWORK was better because of the shoes he had on his FEET!

END STORY:  We, as pavers ourselves, have spent many hot and hectic hours on the mat, like you.  Therefore, we have first hand knowledge of what is important in any tool used for asphalt paving, especially tamp shoes.  Others, with NO on-mat experience whatsoever, are trying to copy us and some very poor versions(Chinese) are now being offered.  These junk shoes look like ours and are usually sold at lower prices.  But, they reallly are more expensive because they typically fall apart and get thrown away after only a few hours use.  Whereas our shoes for a few dollars more will last weeks and months depending on your job volume.   

BOTTOM LINE:  We're still the leader with our high-quality, long-lasting tamp shoes that WE make here in the our own shop using our own machinery, tools and skills.  Most importantly, since we are intimate with the manufacturing process and field testing, we have absolute control of product quality.      

        We guarantee your satisfaction with our shoes!

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