TEL-TUK TOOLS - Specialty Tools for Better Asphalt Paving
Using our felt tamp shoes to seal the mat before the compactor is used.Welcome!
TEL-TUK FELT TAMP SHOES...Click to enlarge.TEL-TUK introduced quick-release straps in 1992.Since 1992 we have been  manufacturing 
 TAMP SHOES for Asphalt Paving 
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These sandal-like shoes easily strap onto regular work boots and allow the  worker  to move around on the asphalt mat without marring it; as well as to seal, blend  and compact it by foot tamping.  These paving shoes are  invaluable tools to those pavers who realize the importance of properly-compacted and nice looking work. Furthermore, TEL-TUK  TAMP SHOES can help eliminate footprints, the curse of any paving job.                                                                           
Believe it or not, sometimes the secret to better handwork  is  good  footwork!
We specialize in producing quality asphalt paving  shoes with either  felt or wood sole plates.

A smooth-looking job is assured by the use of tamp shoes before the roller is brought on. 

Our paving  shoes are made in the USA and are sold through dealer/distributors nationwide. 
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