TEL-TUK TOOLS - Specialty Tools for Better Asphalt Paving
Using our felt tamp shoes to seal the mat before the compactor is used.Welcome!
TEL-TUK FELT TAMP SHOES...Click to enlarge.TEL-TUK introduced quick-release straps in 1992.For more than 25 years we have been  manufacturing 
 TAMP SHOES for Asphalt Paving 
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These sandal-like shoes easily strap onto regular work boots and allow the  worker  to move around on the asphalt mat without marring it; as well as to seal, blend  and compact it by foot tamping.  These paving shoes are  invaluable tools to those pavers who realize the importance of properly-compacted and nice looking work. Furthermore, TEL-TUK  TAMP SHOES can help eliminate footprints, the curse of any paving job.                                                                           

A smooth-looking job is assured by the use of tamp shoes before the roller is brought on. 

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